In the investment business there is nothing more important than to build upon the foundation of wisdom, discipline and understanding.


At RockLinc Investment Partners we adhere to a disciplined value approach to investing. Value investing is simply the strategy of buying a security at a price that is lower than the true worth of the security. In order to execute on this strategy, our investment professionals utilize a disciplined investment process to analyze and understand the securities we invest in with a particular focus on the balance sheet strength of the underlying business (or country in the case of sovereign debt).


We believe the lower the price you pay for a quality asset, the greater the potential investment reward and the lower your investment risk. The low price paid limits downside market risk and increases appreciation potential. Our focus is on “what is” in terms of understanding a business or security, in contrast to “what the market view is.”


In addition, we believe that a firm’s balance sheet is the best, albeit not the only measure, of a company’s value. Predictions based solely on future operating earnings are not only less reliable but do not capture the possible impact of corporate events such as mergers and acquisitions, changes of control, management buyouts, share repurchases, refinancing, reorganizations, asset sales, spin-offs, investments in new ventures and corporate liquidations.

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